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Tiberian Sun and FireStorm Trainer
Views: 7630 | Downloads: 3820
250.1 Kb
11-Jun-2009, 21.47

Full options:

  • F1: Selected Unit/building has 1 HP
  • F2: Selected Unit/building has 9999 HP
  • F3: Building Remover; Select an enemy building, press F3 and the building would be deleted Ofcourse, you can use it on your own buildings too.
  • F4: Have 1.000.000 Tiberian Dollars
Category: Command and Conquer | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Tags: Trainer, TS, Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, fs
Comments: 7
Any chance you can give a link to the one that only gives 20000 cash ?

Why do you want less? You ain't greedy?

how do i download the tiberium sun trainer?

TNx dude it works and doesnt cause any crash nor errors

You shoud try the new one i've just uploaded

Works great with TS and FS (first decade version) and Win7 - Woo Hoo! and thank you very much for no trojans or viruses - so many sites like cheat happens have viruses in their trainers. Thanks for being a true professional and keeping it clean!!

Thanks, glad to hear this smile
And Its nice to hear it stil works smile

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