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You sensed it. I don't feel like updating most of what I do on this website.
For all the mods I make, I will try and move them all over to moddb or maybe a different website.

The foremost reason I consider other sources is that Google put me in this pool of 'malicious' content. Considering that 90% of the files I offer are trainers, it's not that weird that it gets flagged as that. I think it's fair to say that everyone has atleast used a trainer in his lifetime. We also remember that our Norton or AVAST! flagged these trainers as being malicious. Somehow Google did the same thing as allot of AV's years ago. We can't blame them either. If you know how a trainer works, it can be seen as malicious. I mean it alters memory (ram) how could it not be malicious right? Ah... well... I got two options basically. One would be to rewrite all the trainers or two, I shut it down and post my stuff elsewhere.

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For my little fanbase out there. This website isn't update regularly.
I do hereby thank you for reading my little blog/whatever

So my life wasn't put on pause. I've been busy with college lately which sadly sucks up allot of time.
My projects are thereby put to the background.

What I did do was update this website a bit because I thougth the old design was, well outdated. 
I tried to mimick the minimal interface every company nowadays goes with, so here I present you mine.

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I've managed to get some textures from Conflict Desert Storm.
Then I discovered there is a texture for a Skorpion weapon.

Skorpion is on topleft.

Then I tried to see if there was still code left over from the weapon


As you see. THERE WAS!

Now I tried to load the game changing the inventory of Bradley:



Downside of this weapon is that it cannot shoot others. It shoots ITSELF hahah
Views: 5034 | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Date: 02-Jul-2013 | Comments (1)

STEAM: 1.17.5

This will only work for the latest MoW steam update!

Trainer Imagel
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I'm here to anounce a mod for Conflict: Desert Storm 2

Here the link to moddb: 

It lets you take control of tanks in 5 missions, which are stated on moddb.
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Different Logo

always found it interesting to look beyond borders in video games.
When you want something. You'll do allot to get it done.

What I always wanted to see, is what's left in games, and to get to play with it.
Beta stuff, unused objects etc etc.

So I got Metal gear Solid 2 Substance for pc some years ago, and hacked the shit out of it. 
I came up with a walkthruwalls code, which is very useful. Made a trainer about it, and took it offline for personal reasons. (altho, it got downloaded ~120 times).

2 years later, I searched youtube, and found an user called RushSnakeRS.
I felt so similar to him based on find the shit out of MGS2 (FA-MAS weapon, changing textures etc)
So I contacted RushSnakeRS on youtube, telling him that I have some cheats that are not published anywhere. (kinda like secret codes, as I never release the codes)
So he could discover awesome things, way before anyone else could (no one has those codes)

He was suprised that I contacted him.

Weeks later, we found some more things, really cool stuf, and decided to make a youtube account for 3 persons: RushSnakeRS, Thunder and me: Whitesnoop.

Check all the hacks/mods/beta discoveries:

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So I've decided to make a twitter account to let you be up-to-date, as twitter is fast and easy. 
As most of the time, people don't know when updates are already here, or when an update is sceduled.

So I've created a twitter account for that, so you won't be thinking like: 
"Oh, is he going to update or..." "Why he is lazy, complete mods" or "When HES GONNA ADD MORE UNITS TO SPAWN" 
Well, add this twitter account, and you'll be informed just before everthing will be published.

So when you add this account, you kinda are an insider on whats gonna come.

Okay I need to shut up, here is the twitter account:

Please note that I use this account for every cheats mod I am working on, and not only Men of War, as the twitter name is indicating that. (Else I need to make like 4 account just for updates)
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I recently hacked this old game. In this old game, we could only control one tank. Once i hacked it, we are now able to drive anything we'd love to drive.

Views: 5049 | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Date: 02-May-2012 | Comments (0)

Im here to announce you Command and conquer fans, that I started the CNC mod. (again)

So the progress:

Sidebar: 40% done
Map: I used a standard MP one (100%)
Script: 20% done (consider this the sidebar + working spawns)
Models: 0% (as I don't see the hurry)

A picture of the sidebar:

So follow the arrows :)

Wil update this when I have a huge update!

Cya guys!
Views: 3969 | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Date: 29-Aug-2011 | Comments (1)

Ok I discovered that if you start a new game, the teleporter for the car won't work

After some smart thinking, I figured out, that I always tested this with saved games.
So I just started a new game, and it did not work.
After a couple missions, it still wouldn't work.

After I restarted and loaded my saved game it suddenly worked.

So here is what to do:

1. Start a new game.
2. Do a mission (I did the first and the second one)
3. It will save automaticly, if not, SAVE!
4. Restart game.
5. Load game.

If it still isn't working (Win7)
Try setting the compability mode to Windows Vista

PS: I think only Windows 7 has this strange kinda workaround, because it did work on vista (no matter if you started a new game).
But if Windows XP / Windows Vista users experience this same issue, please reply

If this helped, it woud proof the stability of the trainer
Views: 3422 | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Date: 20-Jul-2010 | Comments (0)

  • [link] | 80 % | Red Alert 2 Trainer
  • [link] | 90 % | Tiberian Sun and FireStorm Trainer
  • [link] | 90 % | Yuri's Revenge Trainer
  • [link] | 80 % | Driv3r Trainer 
  • [link] | 60 % | Driver Parallel Lines Trainer 
  • [link] | 100%| Little Big Adventure 1 Trainer
  • [link] | 100%| Little Big Adventure 2 Trainer
  • [link] | 70 % | Oddworld - Abes Exoddus Trainer
  • [link] | 70 % | Oddworld - Abes Exoddus Trainer Different Hotkeys
[] = Working properly
[] = May fail on some systems
[] = Not fully tested
[] = Working, but may fail on different versions [Steam]
[] = Maybe/Not Working [NOT SURE]

Views: 3554 | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Date: 19-Mar-2010 | Comments (3)