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Red Code Interactive
Different Logo

always found it interesting to look beyond borders in video games.
When you want something. You'll do allot to get it done.

What I always wanted to see, is what's left in games, and to get to play with it.
Beta stuff, unused objects etc etc.

So I got Metal gear Solid 2 Substance for pc some years ago, and hacked the shit out of it. 
I came up with a walkthruwalls code, which is very useful. Made a trainer about it, and took it offline for personal reasons. (altho, it got downloaded ~120 times).

2 years later, I searched youtube, and found an user called RushSnakeRS.
I felt so similar to him based on find the shit out of MGS2 (FA-MAS weapon, changing textures etc)
So I contacted RushSnakeRS on youtube, telling him that I have some cheats that are not published anywhere. (kinda like secret codes, as I never release the codes)
So he could discover awesome things, way before anyone else could (no one has those codes)

He was suprised that I contacted him.

Weeks later, we found some more things, really cool stuf, and decided to make a youtube account for 3 persons: RushSnakeRS, Thunder and me: Whitesnoop.

Check all the hacks/mods/beta discoveries:

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