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Main » 2016 » December » 10 » I am considering shutting down this website
I am considering shutting down this website

You sensed it. I don't feel like updating most of what I do on this website.
For all the mods I make, I will try and move them all over to moddb or maybe a different website.

The foremost reason I consider other sources is that Google put me in this pool of 'malicious' content. Considering that 90% of the files I offer are trainers, it's not that weird that it gets flagged as that. I think it's fair to say that everyone has atleast used a trainer in his lifetime. We also remember that our Norton or AVAST! flagged these trainers as being malicious. Somehow Google did the same thing as allot of AV's years ago. We can't blame them either. If you know how a trainer works, it can be seen as malicious. I mean it alters memory (ram) how could it not be malicious right? Ah... well... I got two options basically. One would be to rewrite all the trainers or two, I shut it down and post my stuff elsewhere.

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