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Main » 2012 » May » 9 » Twitter Account - Men of War Cheats mod
Twitter Account - Men of War Cheats mod
So I've decided to make a twitter account to let you be up-to-date, as twitter is fast and easy. 
As most of the time, people don't know when updates are already here, or when an update is sceduled.

So I've created a twitter account for that, so you won't be thinking like: 
"Oh, is he going to update or..." "Why he is lazy, complete mods" or "When HES GONNA ADD MORE UNITS TO SPAWN" 
Well, add this twitter account, and you'll be informed just before everthing will be published.

So when you add this account, you kinda are an insider on whats gonna come.

Okay I need to shut up, here is the twitter account:

Please note that I use this account for every cheats mod I am working on, and not only Men of War, as the twitter name is indicating that. (Else I need to make like 4 account just for updates)
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