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Men of War: Assault Squad | Cheats Mod 4.5.2 Fix
Views: 82694 | Downloads: 14506
07-Apr-2011, 01.54

Description : enables a cheat-like system in-game
Type : Mod
Version : 4.5.2 - Steam
Creator : Whitesnoop

You get:


 # Godmode
    Infinite: Health, Armor, Stamina and Fuel.
 # Aimrange+Accuracy
    You will gain huge aim range and accuracy. Never miss again.
 # Instant Kill
    This will make enemy infantry and tanks be killed by just one shot of a gun.
 Add money
    You will gain 1000 per click (but I've set a maximum of 4500, don't ask me why)

Spawn-able units:

 # Infantry
    You will gain access to 7 different infantry squads.
 Ammo Drop
    A single drop will give you a paradrop ammo crate!
 # Tanks/Vehicles
    Choose from 11 different tanks/vehicles to spawn.
 # Artillery
    Artillery is what you need in a battle. You have 7 to pick soldier!
 # Airplanes
    These can be a crucial part in battle. Drop 'm bombs skipper!

Other stuff:

 # Delete spawned units
    With this you can delete all cheatsmod created stuff
 # Switch country
    Want to make use of the enemy's tanks or infantry? Go ahead.


Cheats mod - Assault Squad

Previous Downloads: 678089

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Category: Men of War | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Tags: men of war cheat mod assault squad
Comments: 991 2 3 ... 7 8 »
99 yoda_miki   (27-Jan-2015 21.45)
Hello I do not know how to use the mod if I could say would be great thanks

98 AliasGon   (10-Nov-2014 16.31)
Hi Alex, 
         you have updates in MOW AS2 cheatmod? i hope you post it here not in the workshop. sorry havent been online lately i have been charlie163 wew exhausting hehe.

96 Amphibius   (26-Apr-2014 20.25)
Is there a way to spawn vehicles without soldiers? Soldiers inside vehicles are like ghosts and they can't capture strategic positions
Answer: Ofcourse you can, good luck with it though  tongue

95 AliasGon   (20-Apr-2014 02.29)
Hi alex, can you spare me a minute for your MOW AS2 cheatmod?
Answer: Sure, whats up?

94 Samuelljy   (17-Aug-2013 07.00)
what if I want to use it in a new map ? u know, like a new skirmish Series, there must be a way right ?
Answer: Yes its possible. 
Version 4.2.0 will have a text file on how to achieve this!


97 Nanang   (29-Apr-2014 10.36)
How ???
Answer: There is a document found in cheatsmod folder. Go find it smile

93 Samuelljy   (14-Aug-2013 07.31)
so what happened to that text file man ,  dying to see it
Answer: What text file ?

92 Ghostblackmor   (04-Aug-2013 01.33)
Program will be terminated
eip=0067976a exception_access_violation read at
eax=00000000 ebx=00000000 ecx=30621298
esi=0225f258 edi=30621298 esp=0225f008
>>>world:load mission
2823: {clear?
2824: {item "repair_kit"2 {cell 0 0}}
2825: {item "dynamite"{cell 2 0}}
2826: {item "can" filling "fuel" 60 {cell 4 0}}
2827: {item "bullet75" "ap" "ammo" 52 {cell 0 2}}

Men of War:Assault Squad- v.1.81.1 - standard
2011.01.31 15:39 - 0x00999B1D

Is my version the problem? If is what version should I use?
Answer: Yes you need to update your game.
Or you can manually delete over 200+ {clear} thingies
Version you need:  2.05.15

91 Samuelljy   (27-Jul-2013 16.30)
what if I want to use it in a new map ? u know, like a new skirmish Series, there must be a way right ?
Answer: Yes its possible. 
Version 4.2.0 will have a text file on how to achieve this!

89 Darth_Alaks   (19-Jul-2013 03.06)
So, what about infinite ammo?

90 WhiteSnoop   (20-Jul-2013 23.50)
There is still not a good way to make a good Inf ammo option.
I do know one way, but it crashes when you activate. 
So I can't really tell you when an inf ammo option will be available.

88 mamad3524   (23-Dec-2012 06.02)
can you make infinite ammo feature in this mod

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