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Abe's Exoddus Trainer
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02-Dec-2009, 21.52
here a print

Numeric 0 = Escapees; You can fill in your own total of them
Numeric 1 = Casualties; Number of casualties
Numeric 2 = Will open allot of doors and traps etc;  Thanks to Kapteeni13
Numeric 3 = Wallhack; You can walk thru walls (only horizontal); Thanks to Kapteeni13
Numeric 4 = Disable Red Orbs; when you chant, they won't attack (allot of times, you need to be hit one time by them)
Numeric 5 = Instant Take Over; Sorry for the bad english there, what it does is simple, you will instant posses someone.

Sorry for the crappy Image in the trainer self, this was due to forum space.

Category: Oddworld Series | Added by: WhiteSnoop
Comments: 3
3 Bob  
Does it work with stem??
Answer: If you have the game on steam, then try it out!

2 WhiteSnoop  
I need to know allot of things before i can investigate:

1. Are you running a NO CD Cracked EXE?
2. Are you running this game from steam ?
3. When you activate, do you hear an windows sound (if you press Numeric 3 e.g)
4. Vista users must execute this trainer with administrator privileges

Answer them, and so I can help

1 ?  
it doesnt work
it has a problem

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