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Men of war | Cheats Mod 4.3.0
Views: 28175 | Downloads: 11295
1.52 Mb
01-Apr-2011, 15.27
Description : enables a cheat-like system in-game
Type : Mod
Version : 4.3.0
Creator : Whitesnoop

What do I get?

 - Infinite health (Vehicles AND infantry)
 - Infinite run
 - Infinite fuel

Instant Kill:
 - Kil infantry with one shot
 - Kill TANKS with one shot!

 - Increases all the weapons aimrange!
 - Increases accuracy on all weapons (this is not highly noticable)

Add money:
 - Ability to give yourself more money in missions!

Spawnable units:
 - 8 vehicles/tanks
 - 7 Infantry
 - An option to delete all the spawned units (moved to CHEATS)
 - An option to spawn an Explosion anywhere you want!

Waypoint Error
 - I've changed the waypoint from 9999 to 1900 in a subdirectory "cheats" hope it is fixed now

Previous Downloads: 2196

Category: Men of War | Added by: WhiteSnoop
Comments: 2
2 anjinggila   [Entry]
Could you add pershing tank in allied mission spawn? Thanx before.

1 Tommi   [Entry]
where is the v1.0 patch for vietnam?

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