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Men of War: Condemned Heroes | Cheats mod 4.3
Views: 21442 | Downloads: 7946
747.6 Kb
24-Apr-2012, 21.47
  CheatsMod 4.3


Delete older versions of CheatsMod or CheatEnable first
Then browse to one of the following folders:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Men of War Condemned Heroes\mods
C:\Program Files (x86)\1C\Men of War Condemned Heroes\mods
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASPYR\Men of War Condemned Heroes\mods
Create the mods folder if absent
Place the CheatsMod folder into the mods folder (not the rar file, but the file inside)
Go start up the game. Go to options, then to mods. Enable the CheatsMod
Select a new mission. And have FUN!

 What do I get?

- Infinite health (vehicles and infantry)- Infinite run- Infinite fuel
Instant kill 
- Kill infantry with one shot- Enemy armor is weak, penatrate-able with normal guns
- Increases all the weapons aimrange!- Increases accuracy on all weapons (this is not highly noticable)
Spawn units
 7 Tanks From heavy to light. (russian campaign only!)
7 Infantry Rifle, SMG, MG, Bazooker, Flamer, Sniper and Miners!
7 Artillery Artillery, MG etc
5 Airplanes Just.. airplanes- 
Drop an ammo crate to get some more ammo (and repair kits, dynamites etc)
4.3.0 update: 
- A whole new reworked cheatsmod. To many to mention
- Check other MoW games with cheatsmod to get an idea!
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Comments: 3
3 opos444   [Entry]
I want to create a mod and i want to spawn Infantry in game Ground Control 2 what the program can do this mod?

2 opos444   [Entry]
What program do fashion? Soldier Spawner I want to do to the game Company of Heroes. Can you help? biggrin
Answer: Not sure what you mean.
But you want to make a mod for Company of Heroes that lets you spawn infantry?

1 AliasGon   [Entry]
what version did you use for the mod? i tried it but it error-ed on me saying about something like waypoints already used
Answer: Maybe 2 solutions:

1: Deactivate mod, exit game, start game, activate mod, exit game, start game. Start mission

2: Try to create a new game profile (ingame) some one said this helped for him/her

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