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Men of war: Vietnam | Cheats Mod 4.2.1
Views: 44683 | Downloads: 260353
665.9 Kb
22-Sep-2011, 16.46
Description : enables a cheat-like system in-game
Type : Mod
Version : 4.2.1
Creator : Whitesnoop

What do I get?

 - Infinite health (Vehicles AND infantry)
 - Infinite run
 - Infinite fuel

Instant Kill:
 - Kil infantry with one shot
 - Kill TANKS with one shot!

 - Increases all the weapons aimrange!
 - Increases accuracy on all weapons (this is not highly noticable)

Add money:
 - Ability to give yourself more money in missions!

Spawnable units:
 - Tanks/Vehicles
 - Artillery/MG's
 - Helicopters/Airplanes
 - An option to delete all the spawned units
 - An option to spawn an Explosion anywhere you want!

Waypoint Error
 - I've changed the waypoint from 9999 to 5500in a subdirectory "cheats" hope it is fixed now

1.x Downloads: 32032

Category: Men of War | Added by: WhiteSnoop | Tags: men of war vietnam cheat mod contro
Comments: 281 2 »
28 Ratlaw   [Entry]
Hello...OMG I have been working on this cheat mod for 2 days,lol!!! I can not get it to function. My game is version 1.002 from downloads. I can't seem to download any newer version...the game WILL NOT let me!
I was able to get the mod into the mods (self made folder) folder, and when I log onto the game I can enable it...but, heres the hell I have been working with...when I go to play the champain, it has no activation spot in the menue for me to use???
I know you get this a lot...but I can't seem to find the answer??? I admire your work and want to use this mod:)
Could you e-mail me the right way to get this m od to work? or I.M. me? My I.M. is [EMAIL HIDDEN] or e-mal me at [EMAIL HIDDEN].
I thank you for your time...I can't wait to play this mod:)

27 Tankman   [Entry]
Hey whitesnoop,uummm i created the mod file for vietnam and once i added everything that was suppose to be in there.Then when i pull up the game i cant activate it
sssssssooooooooooo PLEASE HELP!!!! sad
Answer: Do you have an IM so I can help you better?

26 paytightihos   [Entry]

25 killerking0001003   [Entry]
um how do you creat a mod folder
Answer: Just make a regular folder in the main game folder... google: How to create a folder in windows 7!

24 zarul austin   [Entry]
it work in 1.2 ? happy

23 Kamil   [Entry]
Help me!! how to install it??
Answer: Find your mods folder.. google: Men of war assault installing mods...
For opening the downloaded file: How to open with winrar

22 nikdoCZ   [Entry]
also i have 1.0.2 game version
Answer: There is this strange bug goin on in Men of war...
It seems the game says that the waypoint "9997" is used, when there is no 9997 used by the mission itself...

A user @ moddb said, that you can fix it by changin user name to something different, and execute the main executable via Adminstrator rights

As for that.. I will try to fix this as soon as I have the time

21 nikdoCZ   [Entry]
Hi, when i try to load the map,the game crashes and shows error message : Cant use waypoint id,it already used(ehelperwaypoint.cpp,55)
>>>world: load mission /map/single/1/1_1/0.mi
>>file /map/single/1/1_1/0.mi
>file cheat.mi

1729 : (9997
1730 :(position 219.988-214.221 0)
1731: )radius 1)
1732: )
1733 )
please what should i do to fix it,it does the same on US mission when Cheatenable is activated

20 zarul austin   [Entry]
how to to do it cry help

19 Diego00793   [Entry]
work with Men of War Vietnam 1.1?

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